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Ollie Collard

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Ollie Collard is a singer and guitar player from Kent, combining the lyrical prowess of Frank Turner with the feverent drive of Bruce Springsteen. Much more than your average folk artist, Ollie proudly wears his influences on his sleeve, writing passionate songs to life, love and loss. After initially starting out solo, with just an acoustic guitar for company, Ollie now plays with percussion and backing vocals from Dan Potter & Livi Middlemiss, demonstrating a remarkable talent for the anthemic. From the epic melancholy of 'To Sleep', to the roaring singalong of 'Mary and Maria', expect tales of cheap whiskey and late nights to blow your hangover away.

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 22nd February 2015
Hannah Coles, Ollie Collard, Chris Pope, Luke Jackson