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Josh Davies

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Leeds based singer songwriter, originally cut his teeth on the Tunbridge Wells and Kent live circuit also with a string of gigs in Hong Kong on a year abroad. Josh has been writing songs influenced by songwriters such as Justin Vernon, Conor Oberst, Marcus Foster and Peter Liddle. Josh is now working on recording some good quality demos with mind to increase exposure and play more gigs. Recent live performances on LSTV and Leeds Student Radio aswell as a filmed session with Leeds Live Lounge have helped to achieve this. More recent success has come in the form of a winning performance in Talent at Uni, the prize money from which will fund Josh's first foray into the studio to put down an EP.

"The smooth husky tones in his voice and the beautiful acoustics, it’s all packaged and made his own to create simply stunning music. It’s powerful enough to melt your heart, or powerful enough to make you cry..." Beat2aChord 

"His music has a very strong yet relaxed feel and his rich, gravelly voice gives an undertone of passion to his performance" Amy Adejokun, HerCampus 

"Josh is an incredibly modest and genuine artist, with undeniable talent I believe he has the potential to become a fitting success." William Harratt, Talent At Uni

"Josh Davies has paved the way for young male musicians with his unmistakeably unique voice and soulful lyrics. His acoustic vibe is a breath of fresh air to the electronic generation." Kimberly Dickson, Support Young Talent


Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Tuesday 10th February 2015
Josh Renton, Josh Davies, Jessica Simpson, Lee Willz