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Jennie Worthley

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Jennie has been writing songs for a number of years, however it is only within the last year that she has begun to perform them publicly, predominantly at acoustic venues and music events in and around Tunbridge Wells including a recent debut at Paul Dunton's showcase at The Grey Lady Music Lounge. Jennie's song writing is heavily influenced by the lives and experiences of those to whom she is closest and with great insight her lyrics provide a refreshing depth and honesty while her songs walk the tightrope between desperation and hope. Although occasionally choosing to perform on her own with either guitar or piano, Jennie's regular accompaniment is provided by Tom Heaseman (percussion) and Luke Bacon (guitar/backing vocals) who were formerly members of popular local indie rock band Tehillah Commission.

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 17th April 2019
Will Locke, Jennie Worthley, Andy Twyman