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Jack Burns

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Jack has been tapping his feet to the beat since before he could even walk or talk.  His younger years have been full of music, dance and drama performances – if he wasn’t tinkling the ivories or singing for his supper, he was on stage rocking to the rhythm.

Now seventeen, his creative focus is firmly on his guitar and song writing passions.  Inspired by musicians such as Ben Howard, Lewis Watson and James Bay, Jack picked up the guitar around a year ago and has not stopped playing since.  Enthused by a number of poignant events over a short period, Jack’s songs have that personal touch while at the same time expressing sentiments with a broader reach.

Though he is certainly no stranger to the Local & Live festival, having supported it in one way or another, this will be his debut guitar and pub performance.

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 22nd March 2020
Artist (TBC), Xavier Ralph, Jack Burns