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‘Jackals’ consists of the duo Oliver Hume and Jack Harber. Both lads have just finished their time at the Judd School where they met and discovered their common passion for music. After experiencing a variety of genres through past bands, ranging from funk to electro-pop, they finally decided in the summer to wipe the slate clean, and begin working on their own completely new style. Influenced by the contemporary artists ‘Mumford and Sons’ and ‘Villagers’ whilst also being inspired by the greats of soul ‘Stevie Wonder’ and ‘Bill Withers’, they have adopted a soulful, yet modern and folk-like style of music, following the resurgence of the Folk scene in Britain whilst putting their own twist on their sound. With Jack mostly keeping to the guitar and Olly to the piano, they combine their instruments with close vocal harmonies to create a quirky up-beat vibe. The lads are both currently on a gap year, with the intention of attending the University of Nottingham together next year, however they both admit that music is what they really want to do in the long term. Whilst it may be the beginning of their musical journey, a mixture of ambition and fire in their bellies drives them to expand their idiosyncratic musical style and push them in the direction of a musical future.

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 24th August 2011
Clown BreakDown, The Paul Dunton Ensemble, Jackals, Son Of Kirk