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Faded Shades

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Faded Shades are a three piece originals band from Swanley consisting of Joe, Charlie and Liam. Although if asked we would best describe our music as alternative rock; ourselves and fans alike have found it difficult to label our sound under one particular genre. We believe the reason for this is the huge range of influences the band has between its few members. Crisp acoustic guitar chords are often accompanied by a backdrop of heavy electric rhythm, driving distorted baselines and rolling tom fills to create a rock’n’roll bark, whilst still maintaining an air of easy listening. Many have likened us to a country rock vibe, which is hard to dispute when many of our original tracks have a harmonica present; but we also love exploring other genres such as psychedelic and hard rock. Some collective inspirations to the band are The Rolling Stones, Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Who, Foo Fighters and Paul Weller. 

The band began when Joe and Liam left a previous group and decided to create a new venture on their own. A spare bedroom at Joe's grandparents house was turned into a makeshift home studio where the pair practiced and recorded a very rough demo. Joe (singer/songwriter/guitarist) and Liam (bass) then recruited Charlie on the drums to complete the line up. Less than a year later we have recorded a better quality demo (which is available to listen to on our social media), played live at many open mic nights and even appeared on multiple radio shows. We are generally very pleased with the reception our music is getting and hope to continue building our repertoire and fanbase!

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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Wednesday 23rd August 2017
Dave "Shep!" Sheperd, Faded Shades, Painting Box, Peter Mercer