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Emily began writing and performing her music whilst living in Southeast Asia in 1994. Under management in 1998, Emily toured the UK with her band, supporting some big names but remaining unsigned. Virgin Records, Arista and Universal were in communications with Emily's management company regarding her future; however the group sadly disbanded before a deal could be made. Emily continued to write music as she trained to become a nurse, but it was only after an adult gap year in 2009 that she rediscovered her deep passion for performing music and returned to the stage.

Emily now works as a professional solo musician around the South East and can be heard putting her original spin on popular songs of the past fifty years in many of Kent's finest venues. Her original music is sophisticated and original, yet Emily aims to always make it accessible- it appeals to every age group imaginable. Emily likes to experiment with a raw, folk guitar sound, while creating a haunting atmospheric vibe through the use of harmony and effects pedals. Her two albums are available to purchase online.

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 19th March 2017
Emanuel Fanthome-Hodgson, The Alley Devils, Emily, Riff Raff