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Elias Kopp

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Elias Kopp is the creation of Brighton based singer-songwriter Tomas Clarke. The name coming from his Swedish heritage, which is unsurprising as he sites his family as his biggest influence.

"Growing up in my house was like living in a musical. At dinner my sisters and Mum would burst into three-part harmony, I didn't stand a chance of getting any other job!"

However, his latest E.P. "No More" is quite the contrast to that idyllic scene. Tackling the harder times of his life, through metaphors depicting demons and the apocalypse, he tells semi-autobiographic stories of anorexia and debilitating anxiety, before importantly, his final songs hint at recovery.

The music itself takes influence from the hook driven vocal lines of Imagine Dragons, the anguish dripping vocal style of TV on the Radio and the pop structure of Bastille.


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Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Sunday 25th June 2017
Ryan Weeks, Ant & Fie, Tony Moore, Elias Kopp