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Daniel Benisty

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Daniel is a London-based singer-songwriter with a passion for soul music, opera, alternative rock and jazz. Having spent half his life travelling and learning foreign languages, he returned two years ago to his native city to search for some home-grown soul. Fascinated by the connections between music, between people and between art-forms, and still mystified by astrology, astronomy, women and romantic poetry, Daniel represents something of a renaissance man crossed with an extra from Southpark, or a disturbed urban crossed with a beach-bound hobo. Using piano and occasionally guitar, to slide lyrics between comedy and tragedy, Daniel's song-writing style does not really stick to a genre or mood but tries to catch contemporary with classical at every hook.

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Last played:

The Pheasantry, Pizza Express, Thursday 22nd November 2012
The Paul Dunton Ensemble, Daniel Benisty, Shadrack Tye