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Daisy Port

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Daisy Port has been singing, playing the piano and songwriting since she was 11. As well as writing her own songs, she loves to mash up versions of popular music to suit her mellow voice and wide vocal range. She is inspired by a wide range of musical genres and regularly performs both modern and classical pieces, both in a solo capacity and as part of a choir. As a student of the music station in Tonbridge, Daisy was given the opportunity to perform at the Grey Lady a number of times last year. She has also performed at the ICC Birmingham, Leeds Castle, The Llangollen Eisteddfodd, and Tonbridge Castle in both solo and choral capacity. Daisy recorded her first EP last year with a selection original songs. When not writing and performing, Daisy is a student at Tonbridge Grammar School, and hopes to study medicine next year whilst continuing to develop her music.

Last played:

The Grey Lady Music Lounge, Tuesday 23rd January 2018
Aaric Snook, Daisy Port, Hannigan