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David, Phil and Callum share a common history of musical preoccupation which sparked many a bedroom jam session when they first met at school and seeded a long term friendship. Years later, after some varying life journeys and pursuit of other musical projects they reunited in the Summer of 2011, and under the title 'Animus' have brought their individual styles and experiences together to develop a set of quality songs.

Their influences span decades of genres and range from the classic Americana rock sound of Creedence Clearwater Revival to the summery breath-easy lullings of Jack Johnson and pop stylings of John Mayer and Paulo Nuitini.

Animus' dedication to the messages in the lyrics of their songs enhanced by the warm familiarity of the acoustic guitar is why they pursued an unplugged sound and still opt for a Cajón over a drumkit.

Animus pen songs that on the surface reflect upon love, life and good memories, but often cut a touch deeper, framing life's idyllic moments as the route to genuine contentment in an often hectic and confusing world. This is encapsulated in the choice of name, which in its Latin origin means; spirit, courage and passion.

Animus' plans are to continue building up their catalogue of songs and grow their following across the South East and beyond, so join them on their journey and keep an eye on their pages for news and live dates.